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About Björn

Meet Björn Berg

Navigating the Complex World of Finance with Ease and Expertise

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Björn Berg Gunnarsson is recognized as one of Iceland's foremost financial advisors and public speakers on financial and economic matters. With an extensive background in personal finance and a vibrant speaking style, Björn dedicates his career to enhancing financial literacy and ensuring that complex financial concepts are accessible to everyone.

Björn's approach combines professionalism with a personalized touch, making him a sought-after expert for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of personal finance. His ability to translate intricate economic discussions into understandable, relatable advice has made him a regular feature across all forms of Icelandic media—television, radio, print, web, and podcasts.

He offers comprehensive advice and educational services across various aspects of personal finance, including mortgages, pensions, savings, and investments. He also specializes in the broader aspects of the Icelandic economy, providing valuable insights especially useful for foreigners.

Björn Berg

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